The Game of Oriental Strategy and Conquest for 2-6 players that has been 30 years in the making!

Variable terrain makes every game different

Prepare to be transported back 2,300 years to ancient China. You are commanding an army of troops. Your mission: the capture of enemy forces. Your guide: Sun Tzu, a real life Chinese general and author of the classic treatise ‘The Art of War’.

Your army will traverse unforeseen terrain; mountains and valleys. You must ensure that your army maintains sufficient supplies to continue it’s planned trajectory. Finally, be warned—the enemy may appear where you least expect it through transit of the vortex!

This is Bin’Fa: a strategy board game based upon ancient Chinese precepts of war. Bin'Fa is a game for 2 to 6 players, each of whom controls an army (or multiple armies). The object of the game is the capture of opposing army units by surrounding them, thereby removing them from play. The winner is the player whose army units remain on the board after all opposing units have been removed.

The game requires a balanced strategy but there is also an element of chance through the deployment of dice. However, Bin’Fa is not a game that can be won merely through good luck, players must estimate the likelihood of attaining their objective based upon the laws of probability.

Bin’Fa translated into English means "the Tao, or way, of war." The rules of Bin’Fa pertain to the teachings of Sun Tzu, a famous Chinese general. Underlying this is the fundamental principle of Taoism, the Tao is the way, the path that must be followed. In Bin´Fa this path lies between the extremes of excessive caution on the one hand, and foolhardy recklessness on the other. He who understands and follows the Tao will achieve victory. He who fails to follow the Tao will lead his army to destruction.

The game of Bin’Fa has been developed over a 30 year period by author Ken Hodkinson; “I began daydreaming of a board game that would incorporate that most dashing of military manoeuvres—the cavalry charge!” During the 1980s it was published by Avalon Hill under the anodized name of Hexagony. Undeveloped and stripped of its pivotal Oriental philosophy the game enjoyed only moderate success. Since this time the game has taken many forms and been the subject of several revisions. It is only now in its current format that the game is finally complete.

Binfa retails at $40 and can be purchased at as well as being available through selected retail outlets.

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