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Halma is a game for 2 or 4 players created by George H. Monks.

The object of the game is to move all one's pieces across the board and into the opponent's starting position. If a player's pieces become imprisoned in their starting position and cannot be moved, such player must forfeit the game as soon as all the available points within his/her starting position are occupied.

For 2 players, 19 pieces are positioned in the appropriate opposite corners. For 4 players, 13 pieces are positioned in each corner.

To start:
Having decided who plays first, the players take turns moving a single piece of their own colour per turn. A piece may either be moved into an adjacent hole or it may jump over single pieces. When a jumping move is made, each jump must be over an adjacent piece and into a vacant point directly beyond it. Jumps may be made over pieces of any color, the moving player's color included. Jumps may be made in any direction, and changes of direction are allowed in multiple jumps. A player does not have to make all possible jumps in his/her turn.

The pieces are never removed from the board. The pieces may be moved in and out of any points on the board. However, once a piece is moved into its goal area, it may not be moved out. Although it may be moved within the goal area.

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