Author: Robert Peeples ~ Publisher: Kaos Toys, 2002 ~ Find It!

Kaos can be learned in 3 minutes, and because up to 4 people can play, they can create very intricate strategies. Ones you can't create in the 2-player games. Kaos also sharpens cooperative skills—when there are more than 2 players, unspoken, temporary alliances become unavoidable. But, temporary is a critical word here because there can only be 1 winner. So, in truth, this is the kind of cooperation usually associated with pirates and such. But since Kaos is a game, you're allowed to have fun with it. Kaos is a pure strategy fun game for ages 8 and up. It's a "more the merrier" brain-powered game that you don't have to be a game expert to enjoy.

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