Rules ~ Authors: Stephan-Alexander Peter & Christian Andreas Fritz ~ Find It!

Publisher: Mandua Spiele, 1998 ~ (2P 12+) ~ 25 hunters take on 4 tigers. The hunter-player's task is to lock the tigers into cages, or to immobilize them on any game field. This can be done by using various strategies. For example: by blocking vacant squares, setting up traps and luring the tigers to fall in them. For each move, the hunter places a figure into any desired vacant field. After the supply of game figures is exhausted, the hunter has to move his/her figures one at a time to adjoining fields. The task of the tiger-player is to defend itself, by clever maneuvers. He/she does this by "beating" the hunters and removing them from the board. This can be done by jumping over one or more hunters with either one or more tigers at the same time and/or by drawing the tigers between two hunters.

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