Puzzle Sites

___Akio Kamei's World of Trick Boxes
___Albert Gübeli's Albinegri
___Brass Puzzles by Rocky Chiaro
___Brian Young's Mr Puzzle
___Carlos Gil's CGN Puzzles
___Casse-Tete et Solution
___Hendrik Haak's Puzzle-Museum
___IBM's Burr Puzzles Site
___Ishino Keiichiro's Puzzle Will be Played
___Jaap's Puzzle Page
___James Dalgety's Puzzle Museum
___John Rausch's Puzzle World
___Jose & David Diaz's Davans Puzzles
___Junichi Yananose's Juno's World
___Karin & Jürg von Känel's Wooden Puzzles
___Kate Jones' Gamepuzzles
___Martin Watson's Mechanical Puzzles
___Matthew Dawson's Puzzling Creations
___Matti Linkola's Puzzle Page
___Merlin Dunlop's Impossibottle!
___Mike Toulouzas' Puzzlevision
___Peter Kaldeway's 3D Puzzles
___Peter Knoppers' Puzzle Collection
___Puzzle Solver
___Richard Whiting's Puzzle Collection
___Robert Longstaff Workshops
___Trevor Wood's Puzzle Gallery
___Viktor Genel's Technology of Wonders

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