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Reversi is a game for 2 players created by Lewis Watterman.

The object of the game is to have the majority of discs showing your color at the end of the game.

The game is played with 64 discs of a different color on each face. Each player takes 32 discs and chooses one of the two colors to use throughout the game.

The game starts with this pattern in the center four squares of the board.

A move consists of enclosing your opponent's discs, then flipping the enclosed discs to your color.

"Enclose" means to place a disc on the board so that one or more of your opponent's rows of discs are bordered at each end by discs of your color. A "row" is defined as one or more discs in a continuous straight line.

In the first figure below, if Red places a disc in the marked square; the placement encloses the horizontal row of two green discs and the diagonal row of one green disc resulting in the position shown in the next figure after Red flips the three green discs.


1) Red always moves first.
2) If on your turn you cannot enclose and flip at least one opposing disc, your turn is forfeited and your opponent plays again.
3) You may not forfeit your turn if a move is available.
4) A disc may enclose any number of discs in one or more rows at the same time; horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
5) Discs may only be enclosed as a direct result of a move.
6) All discs enclosed in any one move must be flipped.
7) If a player flips a disc by mistake, the mistake may be corrected as long as the opponent has not made a subsequent move.
8) Once a disc is placed on a square, it can never be moved to another square.
9) If a player runs out of discs and the game is not over, the opponent must provide the player a disc to use in each subsequent turn.

When there are no more legal moves to be made, the game is over. The discs are counted and the player with the majority of discs showing his/her color is the winner.

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