Authors: Tony Dresden & Buzz Siler ~ Find It!

Publishers: Siler/Siler Ventures, 1992;  Herbko International, 1993;  Schmidt, 1993;  Klee, 1994 ~ (2-4P 8+) ~ The most striking of Terrace's unique features is cannibalism—the capturing rule states that "a piece can capture any piece which is the same size or smaller than itself". There are two ways of winning a Terrace game. One way is the sly fox, non-agressive style, where a player moves its "T" piece to the lowest square across the board, avoiding capture along the way. The other way to win is by capturing the opposing "T" piece. The pieces differ in "value", the larger they are the more power they have. Also, the pieces generally gain advantage by climbing to higher terraces. The multilevel board provides unique complexity which allows the rules to be simple. The game can be learned in minutes, yet provides a lifetime of variety and challenge.
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