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Sites which promote public awareness of abstract strategy games, small game companies with products that fall into the aforementioned game category, and independent game designers who desire to share their creations with the rest of us are invited to submit a link to this site.

About Games

Abstract Games Magazine ~ A fine publication dedicated exclusively to abstract games
ACF ~ The American Checkers Federation
AGPC ~ The Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors
A Guide to Traditional Games ~ History and useful information on traditional games
The Board Game Designers Forum ~ A support group for game designers, both professional and aspiring
BoardGameGeek ~ Great site! Updated every day, it seems.
BoardGameRatings.Com ~ Dedicated to bringing you board and card game information
Borgamo.Com ~ A guide to the world of games
ChessVariants.Com ~ A treasure-trove of chess variants
Gallery of Games ~ A lost site is found . . .
HexGo ~ A new variation of Go
Jeux De Societé ~ François Haffner's game collection!
Lines of Action ~ Much about Claude Soucie's best
Luding's Board Game Database ~ The largest game site in the internet
Mindsports ~ The games of Christiaan Freeling
Pentomino ~ Website by the Students at KSO Glorieux Ronse, Belgium
Richard Heli's Pages ~ Useful information on all kinds of board games
Roman Board Games ~ Describes ancient Roman games
Steven Meyers' Homepage ~ Complete rules and other information on Steven Meyers' games
The World of Abstract Games ~ Great selection of pure abstract games
World Camelot Federation ~ Rules and history of Camelot and its variations


3 Man Chess ~ A chess variant
Acorn Games ~ Historically themed games
All the King's Men ~ Fine chess sets for you to proudly play and display
BoardGameRatings.Com ~ Board games for sale
Cathedral Game Co. ~ Makers of Cathedral
E. C. S. Games ~ Makers of Tik-Tak3
Enginuity ~ Makers of 3 Stones
Fleur Designs ~ Makers of Agon and other abstract games
Gamefest ~ A catalog of over 1000 board and card games
Games Above Board ~ Makers of Hijara and other abstract games
Games Galore ~ Games and game parts
Geoludie ~ A world of Games!
Global Chess, Inc. ~ Makers of Global Chess
Infinifield ~ A new board game
JDB Games ~ Makers of Gryb
Jeff Lowe's ExtravaGAMEza ~ Used board games
Kadon Enterprises ~ Multiple objective games and innovative puzzles—most exclusive to Kadon
Looney Laboratories ~ Makers of Icehouse
Lost Horizons, Inc. ~ Makers of Double Morphus
Magnolia Game Co. ~ Makers of Plateau
Mesomorph Games ~ Makers of Chesstique
Oak Games ~ Handmade original and traditional abstract strategy boardgames
Otero Games ~ Makers of Roundabout
Pair-of-Dice Games ~ Makers of The Triangle Game
Pardee Games ~ Makers of Chebache
PB Games ~ Makers of Bladder
Play it Again Games ~ Dealers in used games
Port Kar Industries ~ Makers of Kaissa
PyroMyth Games ~ Makers of Cannon
Rainy Day Games ~ War Games, Train Games, Strategy Games, and other board games for sale
Rio Grande Games ~ Makers of English editions of German games
Robor Games ~ Makers of 17!
Shinermons Games ~ Original Cornish board games
SJB Products ~ Makers of Cross Over
Somac, Inc. ~ Makers of Omega Chess
Steffen Spiele ~ Makers of Wendo

Stillmore Products, Inc. ~ Makers of 5ive Straight
Thinking Games ~ Makers of The Qu Game
Trichess ~ Makers of Trichess
TrollAndToad.Com ~ With 1-2000 each of over 20,000 different Magic the Gathering cards in stock
Trox Games ~ Makers of Trox
Uncle's Games ~ Sellers of games from large and small manufacturers alike
Vintage Toybox ~ Vintage board games, and jigsaw puzzles from the 50's to the 90's
William Maclean Games ~ Makers of Hard Line
Zatre.Com ~ Home of Zatre

Online Games

The Apple Gallery ~ Chess in Color
ArcadeNut ~ Online Arcade Games
WiseBoard ~ Play Chess Online
Gyges ~ Play Gyges Online
Zillions of Games ~ Tons of abstract games

Chess Training

Chess Training ~ Private chess lessons and training programs


All Jigsaw Puzzles ~ The UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzle Store
CardWizards ~ Magic the Gathering news, cards and decks
Computer-Game.Us ~ Computer game downloads
Jigsaw Gallery ~ Jigsaw Puzzles and Games Shipped Worldwide
Puzzle Perfect ~ Online Puzzles
Sean O'Connor's Windows Games ~ Some abstract games—Slay for one!
Simple Pastimes ~ Jigsaw Puzzles and more...

Mechanical Puzzles

Brass Puzzles by Rocky ~ Brass mechanical puzzles
Crafty Puzzles ~ Wood puzzles
Impossibottle! ~ The Impossible bottle website
Live Cube ~ Puzzle-building blocks
elogIQ ~ Puzzles That Exercise Your Brain
Molecule Puzzle ~ Joe Miller's colorful puzzle
Puzzle Master ~ Wire and wood mechanical puzzles
Puzzling Creations ~ A mechanical puzzle site and forum
The Puzzle Pit ~ A would-be mechanical puzzle collection

ByteHound.Com ~ The Best Web Directory on the 'Net